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Luaus are a fun way to enjoy quality family time and are especially held for occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, bridal & baby showers, rehearsal dinners, weddings, proms, family reunions, class reunions, retirement parties, and holiday parties. You can enjoy a fun authentic Hawaiian luau with your friends and family anywhere, anytime. Below is a resource for you to print out and assist you in considering your options when planning your luau. Choose what appeals to you to create a fun Hawaiian theme luau party!

Date of Luau: ______________________________    Number of Guests Anticipated: _______________
Adults and Children will be Invited 
Only Adults will be Invited  
Only Children will be Invited

Purchase Invitations       
Make Invitations Ourselves Using Computer and Printer        
Email Invitations            
Use Hawaiian Words and Phrases in Invitations
Word Of Mouth Invitation  
Assigned Seating with Place Cards 
Assigned Seating with Place Cards with English Full Name and Hawaiian First Name
No Assigned Seating
Name Badges 
Name Badges with English and Hawaiian First Names
No Name Badges

Yard                     Garden                    Beach                    Inside a House                  Hall or School

Aloha/Beach Attire Mandatory          
Aloha/Beach Attire Optional         
Have a Few Grass Hula Skirts, Coconut Bras, and Silk Leis for Guests to Dress Up In
Pool Party - Bring a Swimsuit and a Towel

Cook a Whole Pig in an Underground Imu Pit
Cook Food Popular at Luaus
Have Luau Catered with Food Popular at Luaus
Cook Food Popular at Luaus and Other Non-Luau Foods
Have Luau Catered with Food Popular at Luaus and Other Non-Luau Foods
Bowls of Macadamia Nuts at Each Table
Serve Poi
Serve Slices of Fresh Hawaiian Pineapples
Serve Punch, Salads, Table Snacks or Other Buffet Items in Large Sea Shells or Beach Pails
Make Adorable Cookies with Hawaii Theme Cookie Cutters Like a Hula Dancer, Turtle, Dolphin, Palm tree
Make and Decorate Adorable Cookies Made with Hawaii Theme Cookie Cutters  
Have Guests Decorate Adorable Cookies Made with Hawaii Theme Cookie Cutters  
Have a Shave Ice Maker with Syrups

Cans of Soda
Cans of Juice
Cans of Iced Tea
Cans of Beer
Pitchers of Plantation Iced Tea
Non-Alcoholic Punch
Alcoholic Punch
Pitchers of Alcoholic Mixed Drinks like Mai Tai's, Chi Chi's, and Blue Hawaii's
Pitchers of Non-Alcoholic Versions of Mixed Drinks like Mai Tai's, Chi Chi's, and Blue Hawaii's
Ice Cream Floats

Main Entrees: 

Side Dishes:






Hula Girl and/or Boy to Welcome Guests with Fresh, Silk, or Shell Leis
Scatter Fresh Loose Orchids or Silk Loose Plumeria Blooms to Decorate Tables 
Use Glass Bowls with Gold Fish in Them as Table Centerpieces
Use Fresh Hawaiian Pineapples as Table Centerpieces
Use Coconut Scented Candles in Coconut Shells as Table Centerpieces
Decorate Buffet Table and/or Guest Tables using a Blue Plastic Table Cloth, Fishing Net(s), Sand, and Shells
Fill a Plastic or Blow Up Kiddy Pool with Ice and Keep Canned and Bottled Beverages in it
Decorate the Edge of the Tables with Real Raffia Hula Skirts. The Skirts are Easy to Tack or Staple to the Tables
Bobbie Pins and  Fresh Loose Orchids or Silk Loose Plumeria Blooms for Female Guests to Put in Their Hair
Fresh Loose Orchids, Lei Needles, and String for Guests to Create Their Own Leis
Fresh Orchid Garlands or Silk Loose Plumeria Garlands to Dress Up the Buffet Table, Dessert Table, and Gift Table
Fresh Loose Ti Leaves or Silk Hawaiian Ferns to Decorate Tables and Use with Food Display
Play Hawaiian Music CD/Tape
Have a Live Hawaiian Band
Have a Hula Dancer Perform

Self (fresh, silk, or shell leis)
People Who Helped With Luau (fresh, silk, or shell leis)
Person(s) Celebrating Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, or Other Special Occasion (fresh, silk, or shell leis)
Family Pet Dog or Cat (silk neck lei or hairclip attached to collar)
Guests (fresh, silk, or shell leis)

Island Treasures Memory Game
Hawaiian Icon Memory Game
Tacky Tourist Relay
Musical Beach Towel
Around the Islands Basket Toss Game
Hula Around the Islands Basket Toss Game
Kimo Says Hula Game
Hula Charades/Create your own hula Game
Hula Contest

Hawaiian Word Mingle Game
Learn Some Hawaiian Game
Hawaiian Pictionary
Spear Throwing
Rolling Stones
Foot Races
Temporary Hawaiian Warrior Tattoos
Pass the Coconut Game
Hula Hoop Contest
Loudest Aloha Attire Contest
Hawaiian Theme Cookie Decorating Contest
Craft Activity - Make Hawaiian Theme Ornaments with Salty Dough 
Other Games: 
Prizes For Winners of Games: 

Use Loose Silk Hawaiian Ferns, Loose Silk Plumeria Blooms, and Silk Plumeria Garlands to Create a Scenic Photo Area 
Create a Scenic Photo Area and Take a Photo of Each Guest Wearing a Hula Outfit
Circulate Disposable Cameras at the Luau and Encourage Guests to Use Them
Have a one or two people dressed as a Hula Girl and/or Boy to Welcome Each Guest and Take a Photo With Them

Bar Tender: 
BBQ Chef: 
Cook in Kitchen:
Game Leader:
Buffet Table Monitor or Food Server:
Hula Girl and/or Boy to Welcome Guests with Leis:
If there is a Pool; Lifeguard/Pool Monitor:
Clean Up Crew:


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