Hula Games!

Basic Hula Steps
'Ami: Right - rotate hips counterclockwise, one rotation for each count. Left - rotate hips clockwise. Bent knees make the 'ami easier.
Hela: Point right foot forward, bring back, then point left foot forward, then bring back.
Huli: Rotate around while swaying the hips
Kaholo: A kaholo is more of a sliding step, rather than lifting the foot as you move. It is used to step side to side, front to back, and diagonally.
Ka'o: Sway hips by shifting weight to the right side and lift left heel. Then shift weight to the left side and lift right heel.
Lele: Step right, then left, either forward or back.
Love Hand Movement: Hands cross at chest to show embracing love
Ocean Hand Movement: hands gently beat up and down showing the rhythm of the waves.
Rainbow Hand Movement: palms of the hands meet at the left... right hand lifts and shapes an arching rainbow
Rising Sun Hand Movement: start at the knees, both hands part and rise above the head to shape the sun
Singing or Story Telling Hand Movement: hand gracefully gesturing at mouth for song
Swaying Palms Hand Movement: left arm becomes the land, right arm and fingers sway showing a waving palm.
Swirling Winds Hand Movement: left hand forward while right hand circles twice over head
Tide roll Hand Movement: hands continually roll over each other to show the rolling sea

Photo from a birthday luau in Austria where the girls had fun dancing a few hula moves they learned from this web page.

Kimo Says Hula Game
Pick someone to be the move caller- Kimo. This game is played like "Simon Says". When the caller calls out "Kimo says" and a hula move with a description then everyone should do the hula move. If the caller does not say "Kimo says" before the move then anyone who does the move must sit out until the next game. The game continues until only one person remains.


Hula Charades/Create your own hula Game
Before the party create slips of paper with a hula move including description on it then fold them up and put them in a beach pail. Use each move 2-3 times. At the party provide all players with a master list of the hula moves including description. The host should go first and randomly select a slip of paper with a hula move and perform it. The first person to correctly guess the hula move using their master list gets to pick the next person to perform the charade. The party host should write down each move in order after it has been correctly guessed. After all of the moves have been selected you have just created your own unique hula! Put on Hawaiian hula music and have everyone stand up. The party host takes the list of hula move the players charaded and calls them out while demonstrating the moves to the rhythm of the music. Each move should be done for a count of four or eight.


Hula Contest
Put on some Hawaiian music and have a hula contest taking photos of everyone dancing wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra!


Tip: A fun thing to do for luau parties is make inexpensive hula skirts from unscented drawstring trash bags. Cut the bottom of the bags off then make slits to create the grass hula skirt look. The draw strings will allow the skirts to fit anyone of any size.

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